About Us

CZ Press company was created in 1991 and during its existence it has become known to those interested in foreign press in the Czech Republic as a reliable and fast supplier of current editions of newspapers and magazines. Currently, in addition to 400 stores, we supply foreign press to ministries, administration departments, schools and almost 7,500 individual readers and we are pleased that their number is regularly increasing.

We offer over 500 different publications, from daily press to anuall. These are prestigious titles and we believe you will find many of them interesting. The majority of our titles is from Western European and American publishers, however we also import titles from other countries.

As a prime importer we are able to guarantee the shortest delivery times. Every working day, including Saturdays, print shipments are delivered to our Prague expedition and from there immediately delivered to stores and also to to the final readers. If you are interested in receiving a title on a regular basis (subscription), order delivery directly to your address - whether it is privat or corporate. In most parts of Prague and Brno we deliver by our own transport, to other locations we send copies by the Czech Post. Information on postage prices can be found here.

Upon agreement, we can also arrange one-time or short-term print deliveries - for conferences, meetings or seminars. Instructions on how to become one of our customers can be found in our how to shop section.

  Enjoy your reading!

Your CZ Press Team