For sellers

Do you own a newsagent, bookstore or other premises that are suitable for selling print?

CZ Press has been an exclusive distributor of foreign press for the Czech market since 1991. We supply retailers all over the Czech Republic.

What we can offer you in exchange for selling our print:

  • a rebate corresponding to the number of purchased titles
  • daily delivery in Prague by our drivers, who will deliver the print to you in the morning and take away the package with the print from the previous day, so we cover all the costs of transporting the goods to you and from you
  • outside of Prague stores are supplied every Friday, delivery is made via PNS
  • thanks to the right of remittance, we bear the risk for you if the goods are not sold
  • it is possible to interrupt deliveries in time of vacation or store renovation


Cooperation procedure:

  1. Simply choose from our range of foreign titles or leave the choice to us. We will be more than happy to help you compile a list of titles suitable for your store (in terms of sales success in your location, price, language, etc.). We can also provide a store stand for you to put our titles on.
  2. We will train your staff on remittance returns and show you everything at the meeting.
  3. The goods will be delivered to your store free of charge at agreed time intervals, taking into account the release dates of each title. Deliveries take place in the morning hours. You will always have the selling price of the goods listed on the delivery note.
  4. Our driver collects prepared remittance with each new delivery.
  5. Once a month, you will receive an invoice from us showing all the goods delivered in that month + the processed remittance deducted. Due date of each invoice is set within 14 days.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us at: