magazin Sandra CZ 2024086
Sandra (Czech) - no. 85/2024
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Code: 10114/2024083
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magazin Sandra speciál DE 2024012
99,90 Kč
magazin Rolling Stone US 2024006
585 Kč
magazin Sabrina DE 2024007
150 Kč
magazin Anna DE 2024007
Anna (German) - no. 7/2024
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Code: 6000
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magazin The Economist GB 2024028
209 Kč
magazin Vogue US 202406
469 Kč
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Code: 761/2024001
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magazin Vogue GB 2024007
Vogue (British) - no. 7/2024
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Code: 10309
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magazin Miba DE 2024008
Miba (German) - no. 8/2024
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Code: 7103
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magazin American Patchwork & Quilting US 2024008
449 Kč / pcs

Whether you're looking for inspiration for a simple and quick sewing project or a long-term harder challenge, you won't go wrong with American Patchwork & Quilting magazine....

Code: 10120
magazin Anna DE 2024007
150 Kč / pcs

Anna is a monthly crochet magazine. It offers instructions for making cute toys, beautiful clothes or a various home accessories.

Code: 6000
Annika (German) -  no. 9/2023
220 Kč / pcs

Annika is a German magazine about knitting and handmade crafts, full of attractive fashion but also traditional ideas and patterns.

Code: 12152
magazin B Trendy DE 2024001
260 Kč / pcs

The most trendy sewing magazine with patterns for girls and boys. It contains 26 fashion patterns including attachments from size 80 to 176. The magazine is foreign language,...

Code: 11007
magazin Bild Der Frau Advent DE 2023001
99 Kč / pcs

This special issue of Germany's leading women's magazine will get you and your whole family in the right mood for the Advent and Christmas time. Get inspired by great recipes...

Code: 7301
magazin Burda Style Special Plus DE 202400
339 Kč / pcs

A magazine for all creative knitting and sewing enthusiasts. On its pages you will find patterns, techniques and designs for sewn and knitted fashion pieces, as well as tasty...

Code: 9418
magazin Dekoratives Häkeln DE 2024177
106 Kč / pcs

Dekoratives Häkeln is a German crochet magazine full of beautiful ideas for decorating your home and instructions for crochet blankets, bags and other accessories in a wide...

Code: 1447
magazin Filethäkeln DE 2024004
106 Kč / pcs

A magazine that will make you want to learn to crochet. It is dedicated exclusively to a very fine filet crochet. If you are a beginner, you will find patterns for doilies and...

Code: 2139
magazin Häkeln Kreativ DE 2024003
110 Kč / pcs

A creative magazine designed for crochet fans who love classic blankets of different shapes, patterns and colours. Full-color and clear charts, pattern counts, and clear...

Code: 11084
magazin I Love Cucito IT 2024058
355 Kč / pcs

I Love Cucito is a magazine that combines creativity with sewing: felt, jute and fabrics are combined with a sense of imagination to create amazing products - from toys and...

Code: 12299
magazin Kreuzstich Motive DE 2023028
315 Kč / pcs

On the more than 65 pages of this Kreuzstich Motive magazine you will find great ideas for cross stitching and a lot of information and trends about this beautiful hobby....

Code: 6108
magazin Le Idee di Susanna IT 2024410
369 Kč / pcs

An Italian magazine about handicrafts from sewing to crochet and embroidery. Each issue contains around 60 tutorials, tricks, tips and patterns, supported by illustrative...

Code: 10386
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