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magazin Sandra CZ 2024085
Sandra (Czech) - no. 85/2024
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Code: 2270/83
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magazin GQ GB 2024003
GQ (British) - no. 3/2024
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Code: 10335
439 Kč
magazin Sandra speciál DE 2024012
99,90 Kč
magazin National Geographic US 2024003
National Geographic (American)
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Code: 2/2024002
249 Kč
magazin GQ US 2024003
GQ (American) - no. 3/2024
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Code: 1667
430 Kč
magazin Vogue US 2024003
419 Kč
magazin Metal Hammer DE 2024005
290 Kč
magazin Wohnen & Garten DE 2024004
229 Kč
magazin Auto Bild Klassik DE 2024004
245 Kč
magazin Deutsch Perfekt DE 2024004
360 Kč
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magazin Marie Claire Idees FR 2024161
315 Kč / pcs

Marie Claire Idees se zaměřuje na módu a krásu v domácím stylu, kariérní úspěch a každé číslo obsahuje jednoduché pokyny pro širokou škálu řemesel a projektů. 

Code: 863
magazin Marie's Socken & Accessoires DE 2024004
175 Kč / pcs

A German magazine full of inspiration and knitting instructions.

Code: 12360
magazin Mein Deko und Bastelspass DE 2024053
123 Kč / pcs

Mein Deco und Bastelspass is a classic handicraft and hobby magazine for adults that contains a wealth of magical craft ideas and a variety of techniques for making...

Code: 9078
magazin Mein Schönes Land DE 2024003
205 Kč / pcs

Subscribe to Mein Schönes Land magazine and be inspired by the charming designs of living spaces and garden oases. Immerse yourself in the world of nature and discover the...

Code: 9886
magazin Meine Strickmode Sonderheft DE 2024150
150 Kč / pcs

If you love knitting, in this special edition of Meine Strickmode you can find plenty of ideas to give your hobby a fresh impulse. This magazine presents 15 seasonal knitting...

Code: 12320
magazin Mützen, Schals & Co. DE 2023010
315 Kč / pcs

A German magazine with amazing knitting patterns for fashion accessories.

Code: 11102
magazin My Image DE 2024001
260 Kč / pcs

My Image is a sewing magazine presenting fashion for women and teenagers. Each issue of the magazine contains around 16 patterns in sizes 34 to 54. The extremely fashionable...

Code: 11006
magazin Nähmode DE 2024001
216 Kč / pcs

Would you like to design your own clothes, coats or trousers by following the brilliantly simple instructions? Then you should not miss the unique Meine Nähmode magazine!

Code: 9892
magazin Patchwork & Nähen DE 2024003
299 Kč / pcs

Do you find it fascinating to turn scraps of fabric into practical items for everyday use or special occasions? Are you passionate about sewing? Patchwork Spezial magazine is...

Code: 5560
magazin Patchwork Magazin DE 2024003
300 Kč / pcs

The latest fabrics, techniques and trends with lots of ideas for creative processing. A variety of patchwork projects from rugs, runners and cushions to wall decorations and...

Code: 3741
magazin Patchwork Spezial Sonderheft DE 2023002
350 Kč / pcs

Patchwork & Nähen is a hobby magazine about DIY projects with detailed descriptions and step-by-step instructions, suitable for beginners and also for advanced crafters....

Code: 10222
magazin Poppy DE 2024001
270 Kč / pcs

Poppy is a European brand that specializes in fabric design for babies and children. The magazine will inspire you to sew your own unique garments or other creative DIY...

Code: 11190
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